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IT Sanmar28 June 20171191 click

Om Telolet Om …
By Clarissa Angelia*
English SpaceHello, peeps! Do you guys know the new hits "phrase" in 2017? That phrase comes from Indonesia, yet becomes a Top International Phrase just in a day. Yes, that's what i am going to tell you right now. It's the "Om Telolet Om" phrase!

Telolet is a word, which oftenly used by native people, in this case, Indonesian to describe the sound of the car's horn when is honked. It can be installed on any kind of vehicle, but we will mostly find it on buses or trucks. Meanwhile, Om Telolet OM is a sentence, used to ask the driver of any kind of car to ring their car's horn.

You must be so confused of how could this sentence becomes a hit sentence, even for people outside the country. So, here it is: Actually, "Om Telolet OM" fever has been there for a decade. The bell "Telolet" itself had found not in Indonesia, but in another country by an Autobus company. In the beginning, the bell sounded as a usual siren in a bus, many trucks, or even few cars. Those "Telolet" sounds which had been replayed again and again left good impressions like spirit and happiness to the passengers. And then, more buses start using that "Telolet" horn to entertain the passengers and the drivers themselves, because of the fare of the trip. The sound of  "Telolet" had also been used to greet fans who liked to take picture of buses. After that, people starts making it famous by saying "Om Telolet Om" repeatedly until it really becomes viral.

Why could "Om Telolet Om" become viral on the internet worldwidely? It's because so many people uploaded their "Om Telolet Om" vdeo on the internet. They thought that it was funny and entertaining, so they did that. This phrase becomes a trending topic just in a second of that day. Not just kids, but teenagers or even adults do have some fun due to by this trend. The climax of it all was when some Internet Famous made it as a challenge named #OmTeloletOmChallenge. All the world seemed to know "Om Telolet Om". Let's just mention Justin Bieber, Steve Aoki, Marsmello, or even Barrack Obama had known about it.

We should be so proud of what we have achieved. This is might just a simple trend, "Om Telolet Om", but, after having it on the trending topic all around the world, let's take a breath and have fun with this thing! (* Penulis Siswi XI Bahasa)

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